Life is already difficult enough and there is always plenty of stuff to do. So we really don’t need to spend hours looking for treasure under water. No! We can make that a lot easier with the current technology by combining active and passive sonar we pinpointed all the treasure locations that exist so that you just have to follow the icon.



  1. Drag and drop all .dll's into your scripts folder.


  1. Press 'B' to hide the icons on the minimap.
  2. Press 'N' to show the icons on the minimap.
  3. You can find a dinghy near the airport (See the blip on the map). (Editable in .ini file)




  • Added Dinghy with gear for deep sea diving.
  • Removed floating suitcase at Altruist cult location.
  • HOTFIX: Fixed dinghy breaking the mod.
  • HOTFIX: Added support for interiors (SPA


  • Fixed saving/loading issues.
  • Added briefcases to treasure locations ($50,000)
  • Editable Keycodes for enabling/disable blips. (Do NOT set to the same key. Will be fixed soon)


  • Put blips on the in-game map.
  • Added the ability to toggle them on/off.
  • Added saving data to .ini to remember what has been picked up.
  • Added an editable variable into .ini file.
  • Added use for Non-Steam versions of the game

Known Issues

  • Dinghy may float away when at sea.


SollaHolla for Creating the Mod
HennySmafter for Image Design
Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV
crosire for ScriptHookV[.NET]
Guad for NativeUI Library

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