Tonya needs all the help she can get. JB’s crack habit is becoming worse and worse by the day and she can’t drive the Tow Truck. Anyone who can help please come over to the Davis Sheriff impound lot and start towing cars.



  1. Drag and drop all .dll's into your scripts folder.


  1. Drive to the Davis Sheriff impound lot (See the blip on the map).
  2. Press the context key to get a assignment. (Compatible with controllers)
  3. Retrieve a vehicle by attaching it to the tow truck.
  4. Drive the vehicle to the impound.
  5. Receive your payment.




  • Complete overhaul of the script.
  • More vehicle spawns.
  • Customizable payout (check ini file).
  • Dropped the extra dll.
  • Super optimized.


  • Reworked vehicle spawning to use hashes instead of strings.
  • Tonya's blip is now shown on the minimap.
  • Trevors blip is now orange instead of yellow.
  • Vehicles are now broken down, smoking, with the hood open.
  • Vehicle blip is now blue instead of red (sticking to vanilla gameplay).
  • Fixed null reference error on loading tow truck.
  • Removed vigero due to inability for towing.
  • You may no longer use the missions if you own the Davis Sheriff Impound.
  • The vehicle must now be in the drop off zone to complete the mission.
  • You cannot start another mission or you will fail.


  • Fixed message bug. (She kept messaging you even though you already got the introductory message).
  • Fixed spam in the brief menu.
  • Fixed/Added support for controllers.
  • Removed one of the cars with snow on it.
  • Optimized code. (Changed the way she decides to message each character).


  • Initial script

Known Issues

  • Truck may spawn inside of player when standing in the truck spawnpoint.


SollaHolla for Creating the Mod
HennySmafter for Image Design
Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV
crosire for ScriptHookV[.NET]
Guad for NativeUI Library

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